Maldives Budget Travel Guide

The Maldives is one of those places that frequent the “Top xx places to see before you die” lists. Or as they should be known, the remind you that you haven’t actually ever travelled, hate your job, and live in a miserable place list. The image imagined when thinking of the Maldives is that of the uber luxurious overwater bungalow resting atop near magical aqua blue water on some pristine white sand beach that make you think, ah yes, if only my 401K can take me there. So after spending two weeks in the Maldives I have a few observations.  Read more

The first couple of days in Palau

For those of you who don’t know what I’m up to here is a very brief introduction. At the end of Jan I went to my good friend natalies wedding outside of Cancun, which was amazing! From Cancun I flew to Palau, which is in Micronesia, and only took 47 hours to get to. I’m working at the Palau national hospital for one month and fulfilling my last requirement for med school. I start this rotation tomorrow. After Palau instead of coming home I’m travelling with my friends around South East Asia for two months and coming back just in time for graduation. Read more