A Darker Side of the Maldives

If you’re into uber luxurious travel, taking a seaplane to your private island resort, and being served by a team of staff dedicated just to you in a picturesque overwater bungalow with price being no concern then the Maldives is your dream. But, if while on one of your champagne yacht diving excursions you happen to suffer some devastating injury, or that extra “who cares I’m on vacation” fried chicken leg finally catches up to your failing coronaries the Maldives just became your nightmare. 20150217-DSCF6402

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The Delhi Hustle

My excitement for going back to India was over shadowed by the known pending exhaustion that is India. Boarding the plane from the Maldives to New Delhi I tried to work out all the angles in how we were going to get to our hotel in New Delhi from the airport. We would take the airport metro subway to the New Delhi train station, from there it was just an easy one kilometer walk to the hotel. I had GPS on my phone, and offline maps with the hotel address preloaded. I even had the hotel name and address clearly written in all caps in my notebook to show any taxi driver.

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Maldives Budget Travel Guide

The Maldives is one of those places that frequent the “Top xx places to see before you die” lists. Or as they should be known, the remind you that you haven’t actually ever travelled, hate your job, and live in a miserable place list. The image imagined when thinking of the Maldives is that of the uber luxurious overwater bungalow resting atop near magical aqua blue water on some pristine white sand beach that make you think, ah yes, if only my 401K can take me there. So after spending two weeks in the Maldives I have a few observations.  Read more

Vietnam: A Love Hate

Vietnam is a bit of everything. It’s South East Asia at its best and worst. Overwhelming to not only the taste buds, but also the ears, nose and sometimes lungs from the dry hacking of exhaust. It’s definitely a place where you can sit on a street side stoop and have some of the best spiced chicken pho the world has to offer while enjoying some of the worst beer in the world. At the end of the day your tummy will be full and happy and the rest of you will likely want to sit in a sensory deprivation chamber devoid of all earthly stimuli. 20150107-DSCF5292 Read more

A North Pole Christmas Guide

This adventure was never planned, I was thinking Christmas in Hawaii, or riding around in some camper in New Zealand. What tossed the whole thing in motion was a good mix of procrastination, and the complete madness that determines how much plane tickets are based on some strange lunar algorithm. Basically we wanted to go to Asia before Christmas, but the price of plane tickets plummeted after Christmas day. So it was decided to stay in the States for the holidays. We wanted a white Christmas, and like any decent idea it just kept growing until it became the most outrageous manifestation of the original concept. I discovered that there was place called the North Pole outside of Fairbanks, Alaska, I also found a pretty amazing looking train that went from Anchorage to Fairbanks. Not too surprising that tickets to Alaska in the middle of the cold dark winter were decently priced.  Read more

The Interview Trail

We walk many lines in life. Sometimes these lines are well structured with clear and concise paths laid out in simple steps. Sometimes they are serendipitous. Most of the time we don’t see the lines for what they are. They are simply lines. Lines that we’ve created by our free will and choice. These lines cut and shape the seemingly gelatinous space that we call our lives to give us an idea of purpose, direction, and ultimately the identity of what we see ourselves to be.  Sometimes in rare glimpses we are allowed the fluke chance of circling back and re-emerging  on a line after a tangential circumnavigation through the life jelly, and in these strange moments we see can see a little more clearly, and we see that defining ourselves solely by the line we walk in life is a bit of a joke. If there are an infinite amount of possibilities in how we cut through the jelly than one singular path cannot possibly be our definition. Our identity that is immutable is the substrate between the lines. How we shape that substrate with these lines and paths through higher education and the carnival of the modern business world is just a byproduct of living in the modern world, and not as meaningful to our real identity as we are trained to think. Read more