Packing List

What follows is a detailed list of what I’ve brought in my two bags. The attempt is to cover all seasons and still have room for my computer and camera gear. I tried to put the heavy things in the rolling bag and more of the lightweight clothes in the bag that will mostly go on my back. Two bags, both carry on size! I’ve given links to products where I can. When I was doing research on packing I found a couple great travel blogs, but really wished they would have given a packing list, but doing something like this also makes it easier if you ever have to make an insurance claim for lost personal property.


Osprey 60L Meridian convertible rolling bag 

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Picking a Bag

Taking a year off to travel is riddled by a long list of logistic hurdles. Outside of say having a career upon return, or where to go, is what to pack, and beyond that, what to put it all in. I don’t consider myself a very OCD person, but for the last few years I’ve put an obsessive amount of thought into how to pack a regulation size carryon bag that I can live out of for a full year in a variety of different climates, from everest base camp to the beaches of the Caribbean. Over the years I’ve tried a few different systems, had more losses than wins, so I’m hoping I’ve come up with a good hybrid approach. I thought I’d share some my philosophy on bag selection here, and try to write periodic reviews and critiques of it as I go. Hopefully six months from now I won’t take it all back.

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