Laos tubing…

Sometimes I just can’t pull myself to write about work, although some patients are amusing…..

I’ve decided to break up the monotony by inserting random entries from my travel journals…


Laos is long considered the undiscovered beauty of Southeast Asia. Floating down the Mekong in a two day long flat bottom boat trip its easy to let all the hustle and bustle of Thailand melt away as you sip on a nice 2 dollar bottle of tiger whiskey while the river’s surreal landscape lazily passes by. But with all the sites and potential cultural experiences that a country such as Laos has to offer ask anyone on the backpacking circuit what you should do with your time there, and the answer will always be the same. Tubing!! In the month leading up to Laos the legend of the small town of Vang vieng and their notorious tubing began to unfold in the shadows of random hostels. Rumors of riverside bars that played continuous family guy episodes 24/7, hidden jungle bars, and death defying water slides were really the only things anyone ever mentioned when talking about Laos. In fact trying to extract anymore information about what to do in Laos other than debauchery from the early 20 year old crowd was about as pointless as trying to get a fair cab in Bangkok. Read more


So keeping a travel journal is hard enough, updating a blog without having a laptop while on the road is another story. Sorry to anyone keeping tabs that I haven’t posted in a while. The time that it takes me to write doesn’t fit too well with the cost of Internet cafes, and always being on the move, but not to worry I have been keeping a pretty solid written journal that I will slowly transcribe onto here when I get home. I wanted to give a quick update and just list bullet points about where I’ve been, more of an appetizer for future posts.